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Is Forgiveness a Process?

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of unintentionally hurting someone. I was actually trying to encourage the person but it ended up having the opposite effect!! Well, I went to this person later and asked him if I had hurt … Continue reading

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Creation and the general theory of relativity

The following is an article I stumbled upon when doing just a little research on the general theory of relativity and whether there could be any possibility of it being connected to or affecting the belief about creation. It’s just … Continue reading

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Living with a clear conscience

I want to begin moving into the area of forgiveness and thought I’d start with the quote below. The greatest single hindrance to gaining a clear conscience is the feeling that the ones we offended were wrong too. In fact, … Continue reading

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Is giving leadership to the pastors a good thing?

The following is a quote I got from a well-known pastor from a very significant church in the States whom I follow on Twitter. His church “theology” is typical of what most pastors believe and practice and is what I … Continue reading

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We die to live and then we live to die!

I had one person ask me what I meant by this comment in one of my blogs: We die to live and then we live to die! Here’s what I mean… If we do not die to ourselves we cannot … Continue reading

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What role does Israel have?

For some time now I have been “reviewing” my understanding and belief about Israel and her role in the world today. The traditional view amongst Christians is that Israel is special, must be respected and plays an important part in … Continue reading

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Do we really need the Church?

When I talk and discuss the issue of church I am NOT referring to buildings but to the people who gather in buildings of different shapes and sizes. There has been much discussion of late and many books written about … Continue reading

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