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Surviving Human Trafficking…

This isn’t one of my normal blogs but I had to put this out there as it is such wonderful news and because it is also part of my effort to be promoting these kinds of victories.Not For Sale are … Continue reading

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Are my perceptions perceptively deceptive?

The following quote has got me thinking… Paradigms power perception and perceptions power emotions. Most emotions are responses to perception – what you think is true about a given situation. If your perception is false, then your emotional response to … Continue reading

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I’m dying but…

Not sure why I started to think about my friend who passed away over 25yrs ago but I did! Sue was diagnosed with a rare disease that would slowly kill her. I was church planting in Central Qld at the … Continue reading

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Some Biblical Oxymoron’s

I thought that it would be fun to look at what appears to be some oxymoron’s which I find in the bible. Well, I’ll call them oxymoron’s for the sake of this blog! 🙂 We’re called slaves yet we are … Continue reading

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Newsletter update

I have had a high bounce rate (over 30%!) from our latest newsletter which was a little sad as it means that many of you may not have received it yet. If you have been receiving ours and have changed … Continue reading

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Help, I’m off-balance!

Ever feel off balance? Yes? Then great, I’m in good company! 🙂 So often we want to be people who maintain balance but I’m discovering that this may not be a good thing! In my last post I shared my … Continue reading

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How am I relating?

I want to continue on my thoughts regarding the importance of having values. In doing so, I want to move on and look at the area of Relational/Family values. My heart is not to give a big expose on my … Continue reading

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