Being passionate and abandoned… in love

Over the years I have pondered upon the thought of why people seem to willing sacrifice their lives for a greater cause. Soldiers do in war. Terrorists blow themselves up. Fathers die trying to save their drowning child.

How would I fare if placed in this position?

I suppose I can understand why a soldier would sacrifice his/her life or why a father would die but someone blowing themselves up to kill as many people as possible? What’s the point in that? What’s the motivation in doing so? Now I know there’s the religious side which promises Paradise but there has to be something deeper, something more.

Then I came upon a quote…

As you may have noticed, I always love a good quote, or a quote that gets me thinking or challenges me and my worldview. 🙂 Well, here’s another…

God designed the human soul to be passionate, abandoned and committed. That is the way the soul functions best! It sinks into restlessness, boredom, passivity and frustrations if it has nothing worthy of giving itself to or sacrificing itself for. In other words, if we have nothing to die for, then we really have nothing to live for. God intended our souls to be captured, consumed and enthralled with Jesus. Our highest development and greatest fulfilment lie in worshipping him and serving him with abandonment that will sacrifice everything. (Passion for Jesus, by Mike Bickle)

Could this be the answer? I think Bickle is on to something here!

If I take Bickle correctly he is saying that for me to truly live then I need to be passionate, abandoned and committed. It’s a bit hard to live this way when you’re down in the dumps! So, maybe I need to question how did I ever get to this place of feeling hopeless, like what’s the point in life?

There have been many times in my life where I have felt like, “What’s the point?” It would have been so easy to give up – like how I felt so many times in the army! (read my previous blog – I just can’t do it anymore)

As I have pondered on Bickle’s statement I find myself agreeing with him. I look at all those times when I have felt so alive, so on fire, so invincible and ready for anything and realise it has been those times when my soul was captured, consumed and enthralled with Jesus!

But, the thought that has challenged me more than anything in this quote is the prospect of dying… “if we have nothing to die for, then we really have nothing to live for.”

I see another oxymoron here! To die is to live! I’m not talking about dying and then living with Jesus in the next life. I’m talking about dying here and then living here.

So, what if I have died to myself and given my life over to Jesus? I’ve died once so is that what Bickle is referring to? I doubt it! I think he’s talking about after this point when we surrender our lives to him. I think Bickle is talking about how we begin to live this life out.

So, a good question to ask is this: Is my love for Jesus so great that I would be very happy to die for him? People all around the world face this question – people in China, Laos, Vietnam, Muslim countries… But, we don’t! We don’t live with persecution, not the death type of persecution! Sure, we have people who mock us, ridicule us and take the mickey out of us but often that because we deserve it! Common, let’s face it – sometimes we deserve what we get because of what we say or how we conduct ourselves. We’re just too religious sometimes! (Personally, I have an aversion to religious people. I try to steer clear of them for they make me feel embarrassed to even be associated with them!)

So, what have I got to live for? Myself? Others? Jesus? Nothing? Then, am I willing to die for that?

If Jesus really is worth dying for then I will be living a life that’s passionate, abandoned and committed. Nothing will sway me away! I will be consumed and allow myself to be consumed with his love for me and my love for him. I will be willing to sacrifice everything for him!

That’s why I believe Muslims willingly blow themselves up – they have something worth dying for! They willing sacrifice everything for the name and sake of Allah. Now, their motivation may be to be guaranteed a place in Paradise but they do have a passion, a commitment, an abandonment we lack.

Now, I am not advocating we start blowing ourselves up!! That’s ridiculous to say the least.

The question I want to leave with you is: why would you want to sacrifice everything for Jesus? To get into his good books? To be guaranteed a place in heaven? To gain some merit in God’s eyes? To hope he might bless you?

Be honest! Why?

If it doesn’t come out of a motivation of love for Jesus then I believe it’s worthless! It becomes a thing of works. Works will get us no where because we have to keep doing them, they don’t seem to last. The works bank account seems to become easily overdrawn and there is to constant need to fill it up.

Love – that’s what matters. How we love Jesus. How we love each other.

Religiosity has no real value! Now please also note – being passionate is not being religious! Just ask your non-christian mates how they honestly view you – religious or passionate? They’ll be honest!

May we grow in being passionately in love with Jesus.

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4 Responses to Being passionate and abandoned… in love

  1. Bec Christian says:

    Uncle, I really love this and have been thinking a lot about this is in the past week – to worship in true love and abandonment – All to Jesus I surrender :-). Thankyou xo Bec

  2. Paul, God bless you for this profound reflection. You beat me to it, thank you. This is something I have pondered a while and I have nursed a deep respect for people who willingly blow themselves up. Thank you for this reminder.

    A Nigerian, Fela Durotoye said something I found deeply provoking and I blogged it last year, “You were not sent to live in this world, you were sent to die. The question is, what are you dieing for.” That shook me. Truly, until we are ready to die for Christ, we are not ready to live for him. Until we are ready to die, we do not even start to live.

    Interestingly and coincidentally, my next post speaks to this somewhat, from another angle. Thanks again.

    • lannalife says:

      Thanks Tolu. That is an interesting thought – you were sent to die! It’s one of the oxymorons or paradoxes of the Christian life – we cannot live unless we die! I shall look forward to your next post! Blessings.

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