About me

I am on a journey, a lifelong journey of discovery. I believe that life has purpose and meaning and I am on the quest of discovering what that means for me and how I am to live that out each day. I love life and I believe life was meant to be lived to the full. My blog is a reflection of my journey, what I have discovered, what I am discovering and hopefully, what I will discover. My life is like a tapestry in which the master weaving is weaving his picture. I love the tapestry that is being woven. I invite you to journey with me, help me to grow and learn and to see my tapestry become more complete.

My incredible inspiring wife (Penny) has taught me the joy of living with no regrets and so that is what I seek to do day by day. My wife has also taught me what it means to love, to forgive, to care… To her and to my Lord I owe my life. Thank you.

I thought it might be good to also have here what I see as my purpose in life and to express my passion and mission statements…

Purpose: I exist to bring glory to God. I will seek to do this by living a life which is Holy Spirit anointed and directed, walking in the fear of the Lord, dedicated to him through a life of worship and prayer and where my love for God is expressed through my love for others.

Passion: My passion in life is to champion people to become all that God intended them to be through helping them discover their identity and calling:

–       To enable and empower men and women to discover who they are in Christ, how they are uniquely shaped by God and to give them room to grow.

–       To mentor, train, equip and mobilize men and women to be Godly leaders.

Mission: I have been called:

To be a man of God who loves His word and seeks to impart the love of God to the lost, investing in them, believing in them and seeking to help them to know God and become all that God created them to be.

To be a discipler, mentor, coach and trainer of people who want to learn and grow in their walk with God.

To invest in emerging leaders who have a heart to grow in God through mentoring and coaching, encouraging them to live out all God created them to be.

To walk alongside those leaders who are disillusioned with leadership and with life and need help in refocusing and a fresh touch from the Lord.

To help fuel a church planting movement that is organic, people focused and God directed.

Disclaimer: My blog is simply a reflection of my life and my beliefs which are still in process. I am always learning and growing. They are not meant to be reflective of anyone elses nor of the organisation I volunteer and serve with.


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