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I want Justice… but… give me Love!

I don’t know if I think too much because sometimes I just feel like I should just enjoy and stop thinking. Maybe it’s just the way the Lord has wired me? Anyways, one of the things I’ve been reflecting on … Continue reading

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Do I care enough to…

I’ve been pondering recently about the issue I have struggled a lot with in the past, and even in this present time. It’s to do with liking people. Do I really need to like people or like being around them? … Continue reading

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I’m dying but…

Not sure why I started to think about my friend who passed away over 25yrs ago but I did! Sue was diagnosed with a rare disease that would slowly kill her. I was church planting in Central Qld at the … Continue reading

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Some Biblical Oxymoron’s

I thought that it would be fun to look at what appears to be some oxymoron’s which I find in the bible. Well, I’ll call them oxymoron’s for the sake of this blog! 🙂 We’re called slaves yet we are … Continue reading

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How am I relating?

I want to continue on my thoughts regarding the importance of having values. In doing so, I want to move on and look at the area of Relational/Family values. My heart is not to give a big expose on my … Continue reading

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To kiss or not to kiss

Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself blogging again. I will continue my blogs on values at a later time. 🙂 I was just reading from Psalms today and I was struck by the following verses… Psalms 85:10-11 (NIV) [10] Love … Continue reading

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