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I want Justice… but… give me Love!

I don’t know if I think too much because sometimes I just feel like I should just enjoy and stop thinking. Maybe it’s just the way the Lord has wired me? Anyways, one of the things I’ve been reflecting on … Continue reading

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I’m dying but…

Not sure why I started to think about my friend who passed away over 25yrs ago but I did! Sue was diagnosed with a rare disease that would slowly kill her. I was church planting in Central Qld at the … Continue reading

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Is Forgiveness a Process?

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of unintentionally hurting someone. I was actually trying to encourage the person but it ended up having the opposite effect!! Well, I went to this person later and asked him if I had hurt … Continue reading

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Living with a clear conscience

I want to begin moving into the area of forgiveness and thought I’d start with the quote below. The greatest single hindrance to gaining a clear conscience is the feeling that the ones we offended were wrong too. In fact, … Continue reading

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Is “doing good” a good thing?

So much time and effort has been spent in trying to tell people, encourage people, teach people, and urge people to be good. We focus on the wrong and then tell/encourage/teach/urge people to do the opposite of that. By focusing … Continue reading

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